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what do you think i am saying?

“i cant belive i am not with you now”

“why don’t people know whats happening”

these are some examples of Facebook status teenage girls make…if its not obvious they are as vague as can be. No one knows what they are talking about. No one really cares, so why post such vague status’?  It seems that it is a way to say whats on your mind, without having to tell the story. Also if you leave a bit obvious statement or something that only one person would understand, you hit them hard.

“i don’t know whats more annoying, your prissy attitude or your ugly face.. beats me.” Another example of a vague status, one of my own friends posted this, and i have no clue what they are talking about! what if it’s me? what if its my best friend that she dont like, what if in the end i get involved in the and it becomes a huge fight. I don’t really think these things (because i do know who it is about) but at the same time this could be going through someone elses head !

I personally post vauge-ish status’ to let out feelings, to say stuff that  i dont have the courage to say. Yes barely a quarter of the people reading my vague status knows what i am talking about, but i do and i know that at least ONE person knows whats on my mind and that just makes everything feel so much better!

some people make these types of status’ to hurt other people, that is just NOT right. Making a status about someone, to tell them something without other people knowing is different hen mocking them in a status or making them feel less of themselves.

so, in the end of this extremely pointless post i say that though it may be annoying , there is a lot of thought to these status’ so …

don’t knock it till ya try it.



here i go, music.

i love music so much, lyrics explain life. They explain my feelings, my emotions, what I personally am going through, without having to admit it myself.

Music says that every teenager wishes they could, music helps people express themselves without being completely awnoest

Just now, siting on my computer, listening to songs i have never heard before but after that first verse, then the chorus  then the end, i fall in love with that song. I find myself excited when i am looking at the suggestion liost not knowing which unknown song to choose, to listen to, to fall in love with. Having that sense of surprise if i song wont be good or be incredibly amazing, its exhilarating. knowing that somewhere in the world there is someone listening to this song, thinking what i am thinking about it,

falling in love.

now i know that i sound OBSESSED. which i am not, just to let whoever is reading this know.

Music documents people lives, and the lyrics in most songs are so real they just make the listeners know that they are not the only ones in the world going through boyfriend troubles, or family issues, or just emotional pain. Music helps people belive in themselves, helps people realize that they are not alone in the world.

If i could sing, i would LOVE to make meaningful music to help those who matter, but i cant sing so my part is going on youtube (which i barely do) and post songs that just brighten my day, or make me laugh or make me , myself, feel good for that moment, for the rest of the day for the rest of the week, to help make sure others can feel the same.

i know i sound completely corny, and i feel like i am corny now, because sometimes i do things without realizing it and when i admit what i am doing its surprising to myself. 😛

i can play instruments, and when i do i feel free, I feel as though i am unstoppable that no matter what people happens in life i have music.

how can you tell what is a good song or what is a bad one, the song that you can’t do anything else but listen to that song when it seems on your iPod shuffle, or on the radio. The song that you stop what you are doing to burst into singing (even when you are a bad singer like myself), the song that you dance with your dog or cat, or any type of pet to, the song that makes you. yourself happy. that’s a good song. That’s the song you want to wakeup to every morning and fall asleep to every night, that the song that no matter what happens you know will lift your spirits, that its there for comfort. It’s there for you, and there is no taking that away.

Beauty pressure

The pressures, the feeling of having to be like someone else or the same as someone else. Why is it that every morning girls get up straighten and or curl their hair, put makeup on, paint their nails and just make themselves not look natural?

I am a girl like this ! i get up, usually straighten my hair, so it no longer its waves/curls paint my nails, get dressed (trying on many choices) and then I head out the door. I (as you could tell from my older post of makeup) don’t wear it that often. but still, what s with all the pressures?
To be skinny, To be perfect.
well what is perfect?
to me, perfect is being yourself the way you want to be. or having the self-esteem to go out into the world being proud of your body, your hair and who you are.

don’t change yourself for the worst, change your self for the best, in a positive way. (that means not like plastic surgery and stuff)

Online, Offline






and more,

Facebook especially people talk of how addicting it can be, and belive me, i am one of the victims !

finding myself having to log on in the morning, the afternoon, at night, when i am bored i head right to the thing that connects me to all my friends and more.


I love being able to sit in my basement and talk to my friends in Hong Kong, Georgia, Bermuda, and more ! Even my friends around the block or on the other side of town. It just makes things seem SO MUCH easier ! I can type up my homework assignment and send it to my teacher, without having to talk to her or see her ! in my opinion that is just SO helpful, i have even come across the times when i didn’t know when something was due, or needed help with something. I make a status, people respond, i e-mail, people respond, i txt it i get an answer, it is just SO EASY.

Though many pros to the computer and technologies there are many MANY dis advantages,

having to be inside most of the time, is bad for you, not having the fresh air and excercise. If i wasnt able to sit inside my house to talk to my friends who are at theirs, i probably would be even more fit … then i am. because that would mean that i would have to get up, and WALK or BIKE or RUN or more to see my friends and talk. Just to say it, my friends and I, when we hangout, are 85% of the time outside ! If its walking downtown, or riding bikes, goignt o the peir or more, there we are outside.

by sitting at a computer screen i am destroying  my eyes, and brain sometimes!

laptops are portable, making it easy to sit in front of a tv and computer at the same time. HOW IS THIS GOOD FOR YOU AT ALL?!

i probably seem ver hypocritical, sitting right now… in my basement.. on my computer typing into a blog so people i don’t know can read my work.. or so opinions.

The next step… of your life

Remember that day, when your mom and dad walked you to the school playground. saying that you will be the best you can be, and that you will make friends easily.

This goes for every single first day of school. Even if it’s not your parents  saying it. You are thinking it, i know i am.

now here i go, ended my life of elementary school, where i have been for 10 years , most of the same friends., and lots new. but now here i go,


i am leaving all my friends, well most of them. I made this decision, but really how will i feel when they are not there in the hallway every morning?

I am going from being one of the top of my class.. to … average.

it is scary to think of not fitting in or not getting on a sports tea,, etc.

i may be worried, but i am still excited.

it’s going to go by fast, and slow at the same time,

filled with tears, joy, happiness, and good and bad memories for life.

so to those who don’t think they can make it, through the peer pressures and drama.

I will be here,

documenting everything I do for myself, to others and how I do it.

how I get through school , the first day and more on this.

this blog.

Just Do It.

From what grade do we start? 1? 2? 3?

no matter what grade, we have been taught to do it. So why when we can legally do it, we don’t?


In grade 5 my teacher spent months on  teaching us politics. “you need it for the future” is something she told us once. Now, all is see is that each year less 18 year olds, and young adults are voting.

It’s just stupid. People all around the world are fighting for the right that WE HAVE. By not voting when you have a legal right to, you are practically just throwing all our rights away!

i cant vote at the moment, but when i have the option to, I will. I don’t even think it shouldn’t be an option, it should be a law.

You should help our country. by picking the leader we all REALLY want, don’t let other people choose for you.

choose your leader, vote.

What dose it REALLY do?

So here it is, a very discussed topic.


So many girls wear makeup, it is almost like an initiation of being a woman, or teenager. You wear makeup. but what is the reasoning behind makeup? why do girls feel as though they need it to be beautiful?

My friend had this as her status on Facebook not to long ago;

“Make up can make you look pretty on the outside. But it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make up”

There are things I like about his quote, and things I don’t. It is referring to makeup as making you pretty. But does it really? or does it make you feel pretty? I will say some people when they have a BIT of makeup on, look prettier then without. A different kind of pretty. By saying “unless you are ugly on the inside” they are saying that you are ugly on the outside and need makeup. It just bothers me. I may be reading too much into this but.. its true! Lastly on this quote the “unless you eat the makeup” part i think is just stupid. They are implying that to be pretty on the inside you need makeup. I will say this agin i read into it. ALOT.

So here it goes… makeup.

I belive that there is no need for the FACE makeup, EYE makeup however is different. Face makeup is covering up, and eye makeup is… adding to. I never have worn concealer or what not, but I do where eyeshadow and mascara. If I were to wear concealer I would feel as though I have a mask on “you will get used to it” is what people usually say, but should you “have to get used to it” ?

What bothers me is cakefaces. People with SO MUCH makeup on that you can barely tell what they REALLY look like. Have a bit here and there, but not the whole thing right?

People who are reading this (if any) and wear makeup, I am sorry if I am offending you. This is my opinion though.

Guys seem to take the girls with the heavy eyeliner and the dark eyes. It just doesn’t look good. I belive if you wish to wear makeup just wear enough.

I remember in gr 5 some of my friends were experimenting with makeup, and one guy came up to me and said they look like raccoons. This is what happens there is the stage in “makeuping” when you don’t know what you are doing, and get made fun of for it!

 I think a bit of makeup is fine, if you can still tell it’s you it is good. If you think you are a whole different person… ya no take of f a few layers.

You don’t need makeup to feel good about yourself. You need yourself to feel good.