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Whats The Big Deal?!

April 27, 2011

 Okay, so this is a very.. broad topic.


what is the REAL point of it? There are many answers to this, and many… arguments that can go with it.

Homework is work you don’t finish at school, and need to finish at home. But is this really a good way to carry out all the work? While at school we are managed, we have teacher(s) watching over our every move in the classroom, making sure we actually do the work, and there to aid you.

While at home, who is there? Your parents? Siblings? guardians? They finished school, and don’t want to re-live it. There is no help, from a live being. Though now there is homework helps sites online, and you can easily call a friend or e-mail a teacher. But it can be long until they get back to you. 

In the classroom we have no access to the internet (unless supervised), so there is no way to cheat. While at home, there is not the extreme supervision. It is easy to plagiarise or completely not do the work! (not saying that is what I do, it most definitely is NOT)

If our school days were longer, giving us longer periods of time to work on the work so there is no homework, this would be solved (in my opinion). And on the occasion when homework is seen, no one would have had it in a long time, and my be excited and definitely not cheat!

Well, as i said in the first post, i love to talk. I will babble on about ANYTHING. This post was started with me thinking about why the hell is their homework? it is stupid. and i ended up writing some intense stuff.

so, to those who are reading, be ready… for a lot more.


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