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Can It Be Done?

May 1, 2011

WiFi, everyone can say that they have used it once in their lives.

WiFi, it connects us to everyone around us, making internet even more needed.

Older people say “oh when i was your age we didn’t have internet as much as you do” When people say this isn’t it like complaining? they say it is to just compare, or just to say that “if we can live without it, so can you.” Can we though? In this day and age can we REALLY live without internet, or even technology?

I will admit I am on the computer everyday, some days for long, some not. If I didn’t have a computer i can easily say i could live without it, but really could I?

It seem that people don’t realize that long ago there wasnt internet, or computers, or iPods or flat screen TV’s. This may be true, but there were DIFFERENT technologies that these things grew from. Type books, (which are still here, just saying!), type writers, Walkman, regular tv, radio! I do belive that people can live without all the technologies we have now. Butwe would NEED (when i say need, i mean it) the older technologies.

There is NO way we can live with only handwriting everything, having to buy CD’s instead of just downloading. We need the best of both worlds.

Wouldnt it make sense if there were laws against TO much technology? Like 5 flat screens, 3 ipads 4 iPods 6 laptops etc… wouldnt;t be allowed. Only 2 computers/ family. each member could have an iPod, but what is the pint to iPods and ipads?! just have one.

BUT on the other hand computers are or can, save our world! without the need to write everything down, and print it is saving paper. You can easily type something, and SEND it E-MAIL it.

So, i reallydont know where i was headed on this.. it was different then i originally wanted.. BUT who is complaing?


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