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What dose it REALLY do?

May 2, 2011

So here it is, a very discussed topic.


So many girls wear makeup, it is almost like an initiation of being a woman, or teenager. You wear makeup. but what is the reasoning behind makeup? why do girls feel as though they need it to be beautiful?

My friend had this as her status on Facebook not to long ago;

“Make up can make you look pretty on the outside. But it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make up”

There are things I like about his quote, and things I don’t. It is referring to makeup as making you pretty. But does it really? or does it make you feel pretty? I will say some people when they have a BIT of makeup on, look prettier then without. A different kind of pretty. By saying “unless you are ugly on the inside” they are saying that you are ugly on the outside and need makeup. It just bothers me. I may be reading too much into this but.. its true! Lastly on this quote the “unless you eat the makeup” part i think is just stupid. They are implying that to be pretty on the inside you need makeup. I will say this agin i read into it. ALOT.

So here it goes… makeup.

I belive that there is no need for the FACE makeup, EYE makeup however is different. Face makeup is covering up, and eye makeup is… adding to. I never have worn concealer or what not, but I do where eyeshadow and mascara. If I were to wear concealer I would feel as though I have a mask on “you will get used to it” is what people usually say, but should you “have to get used to it” ?

What bothers me is cakefaces. People with SO MUCH makeup on that you can barely tell what they REALLY look like. Have a bit here and there, but not the whole thing right?

People who are reading this (if any) and wear makeup, I am sorry if I am offending you. This is my opinion though.

Guys seem to take the girls with the heavy eyeliner and the dark eyes. It just doesn’t look good. I belive if you wish to wear makeup just wear enough.

I remember in gr 5 some of my friends were experimenting with makeup, and one guy came up to me and said they look like raccoons. This is what happens there is the stage in “makeuping” when you don’t know what you are doing, and get made fun of for it!

 I think a bit of makeup is fine, if you can still tell it’s you it is good. If you think you are a whole different person… ya no take of f a few layers.

You don’t need makeup to feel good about yourself. You need yourself to feel good.


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One Comment
  1. Jennifer permalink

    Well….I have to agree. Makeup should only be used to “add enhancements” and NOT to change who you are. And if you can’t go out to the store unless you have makeup on then you have a real “self esteem” problem, and no amount of makeup will fix that for you!

    I wear it…and I do so cause it makes “me” feel good. But…that being said..I will also go anywhere, and not have any on, and it doesn’t bother me either. I just feel a little “brighter” when I have it on.

    And really…the cakey makeup! Get rid of it girls! No guys like that! and its just plain gross!


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