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July 29, 2011






and more,

Facebook especially people talk of how addicting it can be, and belive me, i am one of the victims !

finding myself having to log on in the morning, the afternoon, at night, when i am bored i head right to the thing that connects me to all my friends and more.


I love being able to sit in my basement and talk to my friends in Hong Kong, Georgia, Bermuda, and more ! Even my friends around the block or on the other side of town. It just makes things seem SO MUCH easier ! I can type up my homework assignment and send it to my teacher, without having to talk to her or see her ! in my opinion that is just SO helpful, i have even come across the times when i didn’t know when something was due, or needed help with something. I make a status, people respond, i e-mail, people respond, i txt it i get an answer, it is just SO EASY.

Though many pros to the computer and technologies there are many MANY dis advantages,

having to be inside most of the time, is bad for you, not having the fresh air and excercise. If i wasnt able to sit inside my house to talk to my friends who are at theirs, i probably would be even more fit … then i am. because that would mean that i would have to get up, and WALK or BIKE or RUN or more to see my friends and talk. Just to say it, my friends and I, when we hangout, are 85% of the time outside ! If its walking downtown, or riding bikes, goignt o the peir or more, there we are outside.

by sitting at a computer screen i am destroying  my eyes, and brain sometimes!

laptops are portable, making it easy to sit in front of a tv and computer at the same time. HOW IS THIS GOOD FOR YOU AT ALL?!

i probably seem ver hypocritical, sitting right now… in my basement.. on my computer typing into a blog so people i don’t know can read my work.. or so opinions.

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  1. Hahha I wish I was less addicted to the computer. Like to just quit everything and start on actually doing things. *Sigh.*

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