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The next step… of your life

July 29, 2011

Remember that day, when your mom and dad walked you to the school playground. saying that you will be the best you can be, and that you will make friends easily.

This goes for every single first day of school. Even if it’s not your parents  saying it. You are thinking it, i know i am.

now here i go, ended my life of elementary school, where i have been for 10 years , most of the same friends., and lots new. but now here i go,


i am leaving all my friends, well most of them. I made this decision, but really how will i feel when they are not there in the hallway every morning?

I am going from being one of the top of my class.. to … average.

it is scary to think of not fitting in or not getting on a sports tea,, etc.

i may be worried, but i am still excited.

it’s going to go by fast, and slow at the same time,

filled with tears, joy, happiness, and good and bad memories for life.

so to those who don’t think they can make it, through the peer pressures and drama.

I will be here,

documenting everything I do for myself, to others and how I do it.

how I get through school , the first day and more on this.

this blog.

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