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Beauty pressure

July 30, 2011

The pressures, the feeling of having to be like someone else or the same as someone else. Why is it that every morning girls get up straighten and or curl their hair, put makeup on, paint their nails and just make themselves not look natural?

I am a girl like this ! i get up, usually straighten my hair, so it no longer its waves/curls paint my nails, get dressed (trying on many choices) and then I head out the door. I (as you could tell from my older post of makeup) don’t wear it that often. but still, what s with all the pressures?
To be skinny, To be perfect.
well what is perfect?
to me, perfect is being yourself the way you want to be. or having the self-esteem to go out into the world being proud of your body, your hair and who you are.

don’t change yourself for the worst, change your self for the best, in a positive way. (that means not like plastic surgery and stuff)

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