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August 8, 2011

here i go, music.

i love music so much, lyrics explain life. They explain my feelings, my emotions, what I personally am going through, without having to admit it myself.

Music says that every teenager wishes they could, music helps people express themselves without being completely awnoest

Just now, siting on my computer, listening to songs i have never heard before but after that first verse, then the chorus  then the end, i fall in love with that song. I find myself excited when i am looking at the suggestion liost not knowing which unknown song to choose, to listen to, to fall in love with. Having that sense of surprise if i song wont be good or be incredibly amazing, its exhilarating. knowing that somewhere in the world there is someone listening to this song, thinking what i am thinking about it,

falling in love.

now i know that i sound OBSESSED. which i am not, just to let whoever is reading this know.

Music documents people lives, and the lyrics in most songs are so real they just make the listeners know that they are not the only ones in the world going through boyfriend troubles, or family issues, or just emotional pain. Music helps people belive in themselves, helps people realize that they are not alone in the world.

If i could sing, i would LOVE to make meaningful music to help those who matter, but i cant sing so my part is going on youtube (which i barely do) and post songs that just brighten my day, or make me laugh or make me , myself, feel good for that moment, for the rest of the day for the rest of the week, to help make sure others can feel the same.

i know i sound completely corny, and i feel like i am corny now, because sometimes i do things without realizing it and when i admit what i am doing its surprising to myself. 😛

i can play instruments, and when i do i feel free, I feel as though i am unstoppable that no matter what people happens in life i have music.

how can you tell what is a good song or what is a bad one, the song that you can’t do anything else but listen to that song when it seems on your iPod shuffle, or on the radio. The song that you stop what you are doing to burst into singing (even when you are a bad singer like myself), the song that you dance with your dog or cat, or any type of pet to, the song that makes you. yourself happy. that’s a good song. That’s the song you want to wakeup to every morning and fall asleep to every night, that the song that no matter what happens you know will lift your spirits, that its there for comfort. It’s there for you, and there is no taking that away.


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