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what do you think i am saying?

August 9, 2011

“i cant belive i am not with you now”

“why don’t people know whats happening”

these are some examples of Facebook status teenage girls make…if its not obvious they are as vague as can be. No one knows what they are talking about. No one really cares, so why post such vague status’?  It seems that it is a way to say whats on your mind, without having to tell the story. Also if you leave a bit obvious statement or something that only one person would understand, you hit them hard.

“i don’t know whats more annoying, your prissy attitude or your ugly face.. beats me.” Another example of a vague status, one of my own friends posted this, and i have no clue what they are talking about! what if it’s me? what if its my best friend that she dont like, what if in the end i get involved in the and it becomes a huge fight. I don’t really think these things (because i do know who it is about) but at the same time this could be going through someone elses head !

I personally post vauge-ish status’ to let out feelings, to say stuff that  i dont have the courage to say. Yes barely a quarter of the people reading my vague status knows what i am talking about, but i do and i know that at least ONE person knows whats on my mind and that just makes everything feel so much better!

some people make these types of status’ to hurt other people, that is just NOT right. Making a status about someone, to tell them something without other people knowing is different hen mocking them in a status or making them feel less of themselves.

so, in the end of this extremely pointless post i say that though it may be annoying , there is a lot of thought to these status’ so …

don’t knock it till ya try it.


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