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So, it seems that I have done this whole blog wrong. As I mentioned in my post, i am young, so really I have barely any idea what i am doing. What am I suposed to write in this blog? Do I have anything to say? What is this purpose? Just like these, I have many questions. By having this blog those should be answered, hopefully.

I am not excpecting to be a top blogger, and a million likes and comments… i am not expecting any. Just if i am able to say what i want, or need to, even if people are not listening… or… reading. This is for my own joy, and maybe others to.

If you have been foolish enough to read this in the ifrst place, its okay. It.. or I.. willget better 🙂

i have a passion.

and that is calle Music!

i can not sing, but i still love it, playng in my school band and listeing to it … it just makes me happy.

i will be sharing links to some songs that i LOVE!

  1. robyn permalink

    LOLOLOL love you.

  2. Keep blogging. The point in blogging is to find your own purpose for it!

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